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  5. Content
  6. The information contained in this website is addressed to prospective users of products and services offered by the company MEGA BROKERS S.A. in Greece and abroad and may not be used for other purposes. The website of our company contains information relating to products and services and their promotions offered by the company MEGA BROKERS S.A A. Updating of the content of the website and the web pages The company MEGA BROKERS S.A makes every effort to ensure that the information provided through the website and the web pages is accurate, current, and maintains, as much as possible, current data and specifications of its products and services. However, information obtained through the website cannot, under any circumstances, substantiate information provided to you by our company itself and our well-informed through continuous training and seminars staff and network of partners. The company MEGA BROKERS S.A reserves the right to change specifications, content and services without prior notice or announcement.

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  11. Accuracy of information guarantee
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  13. Limitation of Liability
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  15. Information Policy
  16. The company MEGA BROKERS S.A. reserves the right to change, without notice, the internet communication and information policies depending on operational requirements. It is recommended that you visit our website on a daily basis, or otherwise regularly to check for the applicable and effective policies.

  17. Forums / Groups (FORA)
  18. The company MEGA BROKERS S.A. with expert knowledge in technological developments and progress and wishing to respond to such new developments for modernizing its website, reserves the right to enable the creation of so-called newsgroups where users-visitors can post their own comments and messages regarding the quality of our services. Guests-users must respect the rules of good behavior and decency and refrain from posting insulting or in any other way unlawful and unethical forms of expression. The provision from our company of such opportunities to express an opinion / comment from any visitor does not infer any commitment to respond and / or adopt these personal ideas and concepts. If posted comments affect third parties, our company reserves the right to immediately delete both the message in question, and the user account that made the recording of that comment.

  19. Access during maintenance / updates
  20. The company MEGA BROKERS S.A. shall, to the extent practicable, provide 24-hour availability of the website. However, the company does not bear any responsibility if access to the website becomes impossible at any time or for any period. Access to the website may be temporarily suspended for maintenance or update purposes.