IVF And More: 6 Pillars of Medical Tourism in Greece


Greece is making its mark on the medical tourism map by offering innovative, high-quality services at competitive costs in a number of fields.

Greece is fast becoming a competitive destination for in vitro fertilization, thanks to the combination of high-quality and innovative services at reasonable rates.

Year after year, more and more couples from Europe, the USA, Canada and Australia are placing their trust in medical professionals in Greece to help them realize their dream of childbearing.

Greece’s progressive IVF legislation is one of the main reasons why couples choose Greece as a destination


t allows anonymous and voluntary egg donation; the transfer of more than one embryo (depending on the age of the woman who is going to bear the pregnancy); embryo, egg and sperm freezing; prenatal checks; and surrogacy. In Greece, women up to the age of 50 are given the chance to become mothers, sperm donors can maintain their anonymity, egg donations are allowed and single women can seek a sperm donor, all factors that have contributed to the evolution of IVF-related medical tourism.

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