IVF in Greece – why choose Greece for IVF treatment?


Greece is a beautiful country offering breathtaking views and many interesting ancient archaeological sites.

Apart from being a popular holiday destination, it has become one of the top countries for medical tourism in the past couple of years. An area of medicine that is rapidly developing is fertility treatment. Many people choose to have IVF in Greece because of the cheap prices, high standard of care and very short waiting times for treatment.

Costs of in vitro fertilization in Greece

IVF treatment in one of the country’s 50 clinics is very affordable. Prices are comparable to those in Poland, the Czech Republic and the Ukraine. A single cycle of in vitro fertilization with own eggs costs around 3,000-3,500 EUR.

For understandable reasons, egg donation is more expensive. In Greece you can have this type of treatment for approximately 5,000-6,000 EUR. Remember that you will also have to pay for travel, accommodation and food. Usually patients need to stay abroad for about 10 to 14 days for their treatment. In order to reduce costs choose a smart travel time. Summer is the most expensive time of the year to stay in Greece, so it is better to have treatment during Spring, Autumn or Winter.

IVF in Greece – law aspects

Current legislation in terms of reproductive techniques in Greece was issued in 2005 by the Ministry of Health. It is one of the most liberal and patient friendly in Europe.

All procedures including egg and sperm donation are available for women under 50 years of age and for all men, regardless their age. Single women are eligible for treatment, although the case for lesbian couples is more complicated. If one partner states that she is going through treatment as a single woman and signs a notarial deed, then she can undergo IVF.

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